Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Anything Goes

Hi peeps and hope you are all OK and that you are having a lovely week so far.

A huge thank you to everybody who joined in last week – your take your pick cards and projects were gorgeous : )

So who is our winner?


Woohooo  Samantha Brooks this week it’s you chick :)

Well done to you and if you e-mail me, I’ll pass your details onto Heidi and hugest thanks to Simon Says Stamp for sponsoring us xx

And check out what Samantha  did -

-  here.
She went with the  colour theme on her lovely bauble card   : )

Now onto this week and as it’s the first one of the month we have our usual

Anything Goes

theme and our Optional extra is to make a gift for Christmas

But remember this is only an option and if you don’t want to use this theme then you don’t have to.
The main thing is to let loose your creative stuff and make a card that pleases YOU :)

The sharp eyed amongst you will notice that this was also our optional extra last month as well, but I thought you wouldn’t mind because it’s seasonal.

As our regulars will know, the first challenge of the month is sponsored by the lovely Lisa & Laila over at

Lili of The Valley

And they have given us a …

… to give to one lucky winner.

And with so much to choose from in the shop, one lucky girlie is going to be spoiled for choice!!!!

Hugest of thanks for a fabulous prize :)xxx

And now without further ado, here’s what our fab girlies have done this week -


Liz M




So that’s what we did and now it’s over to you, and if you get a sec, don’t forget to check out our individual blogs and see what else we have been up to.

As always, could we ask a huge favour peeps please.

Could you help to make our job at leaving comments easier by turning off comment verification and enabling comment moderation instead please pretty please xxxx.
It’s ever so easy to do – see our sidebar – and you won’t get spam comments as you can easily reject the comments that you don't want to appear.

Can we remind you nicely that’s it’s fine to combine challenges but please, no back linking.
We hope you understand that it’s only fair to those who make a new card xxx

And could we ask that you restrict your number of entries please to no more than 5

Thanks ever so muchly – we really do appreciate it xxx

And  just to let you know that sometimes it is not possible for the Design Team to leave a comments on every entry, with these Blogger issues that some of us are having at the mo.
But please be assured that we do stop by and we are doing our best and every single eligible entry goes into the draw for our prizes even if we don’t manage to leave you a comment.

Thanks for bearing with us and huggiest of hugs to all xx


Beebeebabs said...

Very nice work DT

Fikreta said...

wonderful Dt inspirations!

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

OMG fabulous inspiration from the DT

Bunny said...

Very pretty DT work. Thank you for the challenge.

Carrie said...

Love the DT projects! Such a great variety! And that wreath with the reindeer! Wow!

ileana-carmen said...

hello. beautiful Dt projects. thank you for this challenge.

Unknown said...

Oh WOW thank you very much. I have sent you and email. Loving the DT makes for this Challenge as well xxx

Karen said...

Thanks for another fun challenge and your beautiful DT inspirations Karen x

Spyder said...

Super cards, must get that doggy carol singing stamp/digi!!

Veerle said...

Pretty DT makes, thx for this challenge.

Mrs Mayne said...

Thanks Dawny, for taking over Papertake Weekly, when I stepped down! It was one if those things I thought would get about 10 people each week when I set it up and it grew so quickly. There were so many lovely crafter's joining in each week that the challenge quickly grew to be one of the biggest and so we expanded the design team to provide more inspiration and help maintain the comments side of things! I must say, I really enjoyed doing the weekly challenges but due to the size and the time commitment, I could no longer run it. Hugest of hugs to Dawny who took over the reins and continued to build a fantastic challenge blog, you did a great job!! So big thanks to you all, the design team, the sponsors and all you lovely crafter's who joined us along the way!! I made some fantastic friends who I am still in contact with today!! Happy crafting to you all and thanks for being part of it!! Steph xxxx

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