Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Two By Two

Hi peeps and hope you are all OK and that you are having a lovely week so far.

A huge thank you to everybody who joined in last week – your Anything Goes cards and projects were gorgeous : )

So who is our winner?


Woohooo Janice this week it’s you chick :)

Well done to you and if you e-mail me, I’ll pass your details on to Lisa and Laila and hugest thanks to Lili of The Valley for sponsoring us xx

And check out what Janice  did  …

…  here on her fabulous card : )

Now onto this week and our theme is

Two By Two

so please use 2 images or 2 papers or 2 different types of embellishments.

Or you may have your own interpretation!!!

I am so pleased to welcome back the wonderful Jill from

The Hobby House


there is a …

… up for grabs.

Hugest of thanks to Jill for a fabulous prize :)xxx

And now without further ado, here’s what our fab girlies have done this week ….



Liz M


cards for twins – genius)


So that’s what we did and now it’s over to you, and if you get a sec, don’t forget to check out our individual blogs and see what else we have been up to.

As always, could we ask a huge favour peeps please.

Could you help to make our job at leaving comments easier by turning off comment verification and enabling comment moderation instead please pretty please xxxx.
It’s ever so easy to do – see our sidebar – and you won’t get spam comments as you can easily reject the comments that you don't want to appear.

Can we remind you nicely that’s it’s fine to combine challenges but please, no back linking.
We hope you understand that it’s only fair to those who make a new card xxx

And could we ask that you restrict your number of entries please to no more than 5

Thanks ever so muchly – we really do appreciate it xxx

And  just to let you know that sometimes it is not possible for the Design Team to leave a comments on every entry, with these Blogger issues that some of us are having at the mo.
But please be assured that we do stop by and we are doing our best and every single eligible entry goes into the draw for our prizes even if we don’t manage to leave you a comment.

Thanks for bearing with us and huggiest of hugs to all xx



Beebeebabs said...

Very nice work DT

Marjeta said...

Beautiful inspiration from your DT. All projects are super, but my favourite is weding card. Congratulation to autor.


Bunny said...

Nice DT work. Thank you for the challenge.

Karen Petitt said...

Thanks for another fun challenge, and for sharing your gorgeous art with us Karen x

Paper Profusion said...

Thank-you for challenge and for super inspiration. I've popped in an entry. Nicola x

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