Monday, 10 March 2008

Frame Card Tutorial!

Hi everyone! Thanks again to all of you who took part last week!
The winner of the playmates from SkattyKats (drawn at random using Frances
so congrats to you! Please email me with your postal address so we can send them off to you asap! (Link on right!)
This weeks challenge is our first one from Claudia! It's a great idea and the cards look fab! Thanks Claudia!
Here's the tutorial and the fantastic cards from the design team!

First cut your CS to 6x12 (if you have to make a perfectly square card) as i did 6x11 piece ands score in half
Draw a square with a pencil (you will need to erase later the lines) onto the front of your card. It is up to you how big you want the window to be. (you can use as help a post-it note as a guide)

Draw a second frame with your pencil inside your big frame (i have found that 0.5 cm smaller is the best) cause the wider you will make the frame the wider it will stick out to the inside of your card. Crease along the pencil lines with your bonefolder
Draw diagonals or use your ruler and cut the cs along the diagonals the cs open- like on picture seen
Fold your cs along the scored lines like you see in the picture.

Cut your white CS you want to stamp on to fit inside the opening you have determined at the beginning and slide it into your frame. Adhere. This is how the back is going to look like.
make a nice cover for the back. I used a layer bashful blue and one layer in brown to hide the back.

This tutorial is for Papertake weekly challenge blog. Have fun.









Claudia said...

wow.. i love your projects so many neat ideas i defenetly will try this card again and use some inspiration from you.

Frances said...

Ooooo, I won, how lucky am I?!! best do the lottery this week :) thank you so much girls, will send you my details now. Fab tutorial Claudia and great DT work. It also means I can try out my scor pal too.

Floridakat said...

Wow, what a challenge! The DT cards are beautiful...My card's on my blog, thanks for looking

Jilly said...

Love this challenge it's a great tutorial

My card is here

debby4000 said...

Had to have a go straight away, great tutorial and fab cards DT.
Here's mine

Han said...

This is a fab challenge and I love all of the design teams work. Mine is on my blog. xx

Shary said...

Great tutorial Claudia, thank you.
Mine is on my blog.


Sally said...

What a great idea, I just had to make a card straight away - it's on my blog already!

Anesha said...

Great challenge and I love all the cards!!!!
Here is my attempt
Thanks for looking

Rosie said...

Claudia, what a fab tutorial and the DT have excelled themselves! Bravo ladies. This was certainly a challenge, but I shall be making another as I like the end result!! Here's mine:

traciejane said...

Fabulous work girls and thanks Claudia for the fab tutorial - mines on my blog :-)x

stampingbalou said...

Claudia, what a fabulous tutorial - thank you so much for this - I have so much fun creating a card and the result is what I will present to you... So, here is my entry for this week... Thanks for looking... ;o)

Heike ;o)

green frame card

LAINEY said...

Absolutely stunning idea, can't wait to have a go at one of these :)

Lainey xxx

elisa said...

Stunning cards and great tutorial.
Here is mine..Elisa.x

elisa said...

Sorry my link does not seem to work.Here it is

Uh-Ohmommys*addicted said...

wow this was cool thanks for the instructions here is my entry

Anonymous said...

This is the first time Ive come across this challenge blog and what a fab place it is with stunning DT cards.Fantastic idea and tutorial on the frame entry is on my blog

pretty-pink-cards said...

Love the cards girls... and great tutorial

Caroline x

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

I enjoyed this challenge - scan isn't brilliant though.

NattyK said...

The tutorial was very good, and I love the DT cards. I have put mine on my blog.

Natalie x

LAINEY said...

You can find my entry here :

Thanks for looking!
Lainey xxx

samgirl said...

Love the challenge and the tutorial was really good. txs

My attempt is here:

Enfys said...

What a great challenge, thanks Claudia. Fabulous examples from the DT too. Mine is on my blog, together with the name of the winner of my blog candy.

Jules {Creative Makes} said...

Wow, wonderful wonderful work all, I LOVE your cards.

I've never made a frame card before (I admit to never seeing one before actually!) but thought I would have a go.

Here is my attempt

Secret Crafter said...

Fabulous tutorial. I had a go you can see my card here

Wendy x

Sally said...

OH WOW!!! how fabulous are those cards! well done ladies they are amazing!

Susie Blackwell said...

Here's mine.......

Susie xx

Jeannette said...

Oh well beter late than never, that should be my Tag Line. LOL

Fabulous cards everyone!!!!

Here's mine

Shirley said...

This is the first challenge Ive done on blogs. I could have picked a better style to make with this techneque, but hay, ive had a go...

Frances said...

really easy tutorial to follow, thanks Claudia! It just took me a while to decorate it but I did it finally, here it is!

Wenche said...

You have made som great cards!

Here is my entry

Ann Whitfield said...

A brilliant challenge, I'm already working on number two! The DT's work is fabulous. Here's mine:
Ann x

ScrapMetal said...

Wow, great cards and I just adore the tutorial.

My card can be found here


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic tutorial and fab idea!!! Great inspiration too! I was late logging in this week as have been busy, but could not wait to make mine - as an Easter card it is here. TFLx

PaperDaisies said...

Thank you so much for a great tutorial. This is my first challenge attempt. Hope you like it.

Jo said...

Wonderful creations from the DT yet again! And yet again, I'm late but have an excuse this week....have been poorly so have only just loaded mine on my blog!

Beth said...

I'm sooo late with mine! The tutorial was brilliant - I've never seen these cards before! Mine is on my blog, thanks for looking! xx

PaperBabe - Kim said...

Thanks for inspiring and sharing new tutorials find my creation on my blog...

Kim x

Susy Rudy said...

Wow what a clever and simple idea. Had to have a go (even though it's late at night) and have just made a simple plain card and used as a photo frame (will decorate up when I can). Thank you so much for a new idea for my cards.

Adele said...

I never had the time to do this back in March, but I tracked it down again as it was just perfect for the card I made this weekend-thank you.

love Adele.x

Craft Fairy said...

What a wonderful tutorial. Thank you so much for showing us how to do this. Stunning.

Maodren said...

Trés jolies cartes, merci pour les explications.
Voici ma carte
Kiss from France

Anonymous said...

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BellaMio said...

Hi!! I stumbled in here to day, and I instantly fell in love with this card!! It is so diferent och unusuall. I just hade to try it out!!

So thanks for a lovely tutorial and for sharing it with us...

You can find my version here:

Anonymous said...

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MiMi said...

Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I would like to make this frame card.

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