Monday, 8 October 2007

Hubbies Hobbies!

This weeks challenge is to make something for a man, based on a hobby!
(sorry, it's been pointed out that 4x4 Friday also have a mans theme this week! The challenges are set a week in advance so sorry about that - fingers crossed it won't happen to often! Great minds think alike, lol!!!)
Anyway, if you'd like to join in, please leave a link to your work in the comments section and we'll come and check it out!! Here's some from the design team! Thanks!



Tent topper card, Stamps: Papernation- fisherman, A muse Happy Birthday, Papers: Pink Petticoat






simplyfairies said...

Great cards all, well done!!!!! sorry I couldn't manage the challenge this week....

Steph said...

No worries Kim!! We'll see you soon!!!! lol !

Dawn Wheeler said...

Brilliant cards ladies,Its great to get men idea's lol,

Deanne said...

I've played again, mines on my blog, some great cards ladies x

Jeannette said...

I'm racking my brain, hubby doesn't really have any hobbies and he pointed out that he wouldn't be too happy with people thinking his hobby was the Beer Bottle and Tankard stamps that I found. So until I find something he's interested in I can't make the card LOL. Thank God he doesn't know about the Comments!

Steph said...

Hi Jeannette!! It doesn't have to be a hobby that your husband does - it's just the name of the challenge! The challenge is to make something for a man using a mans hobby! It doesn't have to be your hubbies hobby! lol!! And you don't need to be married to play!!! lol!! Just something for a man!!!!! Do hope you'll join in! The beer / tankard stamps sound great!!

Leann said...

lovely DT cards ~ not had a chance to join in yet, hopefully will get a bit of crafty time over the weekend!

ooooh, actually, would anyone notice if i posted last weeks card... ;)

Steph said...

Post away leann - we'll come and have a look!! lol !

Liz Armstrong said...

This is a great idea Steph.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Design Team -very talented girlies : )

I've popped my card on the blog. It's at

Not really a Hubbie's Hobby, more of a Partner's Passion in my case! But the choice was easy - cars or eating!

Now for some long-overdue blog-hopping : )


Steph said...

Partners passion is good too! lol !! Thanks for joining in!

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Another great challenge and selection of example cards. Mines got plenty of balls on it!

Rainbow Lady said...

Sirry so late with this but just back from weekend away.
Loved this challenge - it's on my blog.
Thanks for looking
Love Cynthia x

Rainbow Lady said...

oops sorry is what I meant.
Love Cynthia x

Beth said...

Sorry it's late! But here's my take on the "Hubbies hobbies" challenge. Everyone else's looks great! xx